The Metropolitan Museum of Art


The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC

You know, the one in NYC? One of my favorite museums ever. Honestly, probably the first museum I ever went to as a kid (I think it was a school field trip, maybe)? In any case, it was love at first sight and whenever we are in town we always try to stop in. It’s so grand and so New York to me. 100% always.

So I follow them on twitter. Of course I do. Because, ART. Don’t you too? If not, you should. It’s @metmuseum if you are interested.

Anyway, on Sunday they tweeted the following, “Read online or download a PDF of a Met publication about the celebrated artist, Edgar Degas.” Of course Edgar Degas is one of my favorite artists of all times. But what really caught my attention? The “read online or download a PDF” part. So I clicked the link. And promptly downloaded (for FREE) books and books (all out of print) about Degas, and Monet, and Manet, and, and, and…They even have the bulletins from different years available. Want to read about the exhibitions they had in 1972 (and look at the awesome design of the document)? You can do that. Want to see a complete catalog of all works, ever? You can do that. What about information from the Christian Dior exhibit in the ’90s? Sure.

You won’t believe the treasure trove that is out there! Want to check it out? Of course I’ll take this opportunity to remind you that if you can, you should become a member of this museum or any museum because where would we all be without art? For more thought-provoking points on this, please go see the movie The Monuments Men. You won’t regret it, promise!

La Piscine


The beautiful Romy Schneider.

Is there ever a movie you find yourself watching over and over again – appreciating every little moment?

For me that movie is La Piscine. Never heard of it? Well hopefully once I tell you about it you’ll go right to Netflix or YouTube and immediately start watching it! It’s that good, I promise.

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Library of Flowers


Amazing packaging of the Library of Flowers, Honeycomb eau de parfum.

Library of Flowers

Have you ever heard such a lovely product name? I know I haven’t and when I read about their perfumed products in a magazine years ago they were added to my list of items to research and tell you about.

And on a snowy Friday in February, what better way to look towards Spring than talk about flowers, right?

Their website is divided by chapters. Chapter 1 is paper, cotton & string, Chapter 2 is nectar + pollen, and Chapter 3 is arboretum. Such an inventive idea and the packaging, oh the packaging is so beautiful and unique!

I think the products that most live up to their name as a Library are their sampler tins (4 different groupings, a reasonable $38 US each for 3 scents). What a unique way to familiarize yourself with their products and also create your very own customized experience. From their description, ” We invite you into the Library of Flowers where moments are captured in artful perfumes waiting to be released upon happy whim.”

Indeed I would like nothing better than to sit amongst a library filled to the brim with flowers. Oh and design magazines. And my husband. And coffee. And our cats too!

Jean Cocteau


Beautiful and Ornate French Jean Cocteau La Belle et la Bete Poster.

L’Imagerie Gallery

I realize the poster above is selling for a mere $12,900.00, but to be fair it is quite large, printed on linen (it must be stunning in person), and is the French original from 1946. Somehow that price now makes more sense, right?

In any case, I’m sure you’ve all heard of Jean Cocteau? If not, read a lot more about him here. In general, he was a brilliant multi-creative artist (including directing the original Beauty and the Beast movie, as shown above), and is considered one of the greatest French artists of his time. October 2013 was the 50th anniversary of his death, and as a result several collaborations have come about in celebration of his creative works. The most notable is the collaboration with French home furnishings company Roche Bobois. You can read all about it here (and there’s even a .pdf brochure you can download – in French with some English translation). I found most of the items beautiful, but not my style (he was close friends with Pablo Picasso and clearly influenced by his style), but my most favorite are the bed linens. Embroidered with the same phrase as on his headstone: “Je reste avec vows” (“I stay with you”). Indeed.

Literary Maps


I love smart design ideas, don’t you? I especially love when artists create something new from a seemingly common item. Let’s take maps for instance. I don’t remember where I came across these intriguing prints, but I’ve had them bookmarked for so long! In an effort to share more with the world and bookmark and forget about creative items less, I give you literary maps. There’s a fascinating article here that talks about how the UK and US maps were created, but of course the From Neverland to Wonderland – A Map of Children’s Literature in Britain is my favorite map. Creative design and literary references – all in one beautiful print!

From Neverland to Wonderland.

The Literary Gift Company

By Fryd Magazine


We Are All Made Of Stars Print by Jeanette Lunde.

I love online magazines, don’t you? Of course I mean to say I love looking at them online, and then being able to print them (if it’s possible)! I’m still a paper-person deep down, always.

One of my favorite bloggers, By Fryd, who is named Jeanette Lunde (I was introduced to her during one of Holly Becker’s e-courses) has created the most beautiful online magazine. Actually, you should poke around her blog first (where the image above is from), because her sense of style (she’s from Norway, so of course I am obsessed), her captivating photographs, and delicate prose will draw you in for hours. So maybe more of a several-day experience rather than poking around!

You can download all four of her magazine issues here and be ready to treat yourself to hours and hours of beauty and inspiration.

Oh, and her and her friend Hilde Mork (her blog is filled with even more envy-inducing images and text, if that’s even possible at this point!) opened an online shop with home objects and prints that really capture their design sensibility.

Like this print, for instance!

Beautiful print from the HYSJ shop.

Jeanette Lunde/HYSJ

Shanna Murray for West Elm


One of my favorites - Shanna Murray - Salad plates for West Elm.

West Elm

I love when retailers are creative, don’t you? I know, of course, that their goal is to have us part with our hard-earned money (something I’m less likely to do, more and more), but when I saw that one of my favorites, Shanna Murray, collaborated with West Elm, I had to check it out (on sale, of course).

Do you ever decorate for the future? There’s a part of me that wants to enjoy new items now, but on the other hand, who knows what the future holds? At present, I am going to start to collect items that match our future aesthetic. Kind of like a real-life mood board, slowly collecting items here and there (hopefully all on sale) so that our homes will have a collected, loved look that is honest.

I thought these matte brown-gray plates with gorgeous gold lettering would be perfect for an entryway to hold pocket ephemera, mail, keys, and anything else that is currently deposited here and there and who knows where!

Telling Stories


One of the prettiest book covers I've seen in a while.

“I had a farm in Africa”…starts one of the greatest novels, by Karen Blixen (writing as Isak Dinesen). Of course it was also made into an academy award winning movie, Out of Africa. If you haven’t seen this movie (or read the book), you absolutely need to get on it! The story (an account of real events) made such an impression on me – one that I only understood the significance of recently.

So cool to see the behind-the-scenes.

I won’t recap the story here, but it involves Meryl Steep’s character falling for Robert Redford, a man who won’t be tied down by her or her life for many different reasons. The love they have is beautiful, incredibly powerful, and they define what it looks like (even though at times she wishes it was different). The descriptive writing and clear love of Africa and emotion of every scene reminds me not to take life for granted. Life is made up of stories, some long, some short, some happy, some sad.

Love the conceptual paintings.

If I had to sit down right now and tell my story, what would I write? How would it start?

“We moved to Europe in the [season] of [year]…is how I hope to write our story someday! What about you?

Deep thoughts for a Wednesday evening…


The Semester is Almost Over


Please repeat after me. THE SEMESTER IS ALMOST OVER. Of course in theory, this mantra should make me feel better. In reality, it makes me feel worse. 

Read it more like this:


(Now raise your arms over your head and give a good Kermit flail). Again.

Now you know how I feel. Have a great day!

That Darn Cat


That Darn Cat Comic

Oh That Darn Cat!

Have you heard of this movie from 1965, that was a Walt Disney Productions film and starred Hayley Mills (in her last of six movies she made for Disney Studios)?

I hadn’t either, until we were rooting around a used bookstore and I found this very thing.

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